Submission of contributions (video, text contributions, classifications)

The Endoscopy Campus is an online teaching platform for endoscopically active physicians and non-physicians. We invite participation in the way of video or text contributions. Contributions to endoscopic classifications can also be submitted.

Text contributions with images:

Contributions from particularly beautiful, typical or unusual cases. 200 € will be paid per accepted contribution. For this an author contract is sent.
Details for submission

Video contributions:

As endoscopic videos, videos for training purposes with tips and tricks as well as the presentation of advanced techniques are accepted. There is a fee of 300 € per video accepted. An author’s contract will be sent out for this purpose.
Details for submission


This section shall contain all common endoscopic classifications, also those with inclusion of other parameters and shall be illustrated with image examples. In individual cases, videos may also make sense (e.g. classification of tumours of the oesophagogastric transition).

A fee of 200 € per contribution for the first creator (additional pictures, also from other authors, cannot be paid separately), 300 € for more elaborate contributions (if videos make up a significant part after agreement) is planned. Author contracts will be sent to you.
Details for submission

Image Challenge:

The Image Challenge are multiple choice questions including pictures or videos that cover topics related to endoscopy. Every month we raffle 50 € for the contribution among all contributors.

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