Text contributions with images

Summary: Contributions featuring particularly fine, typical, or unusual cases. € 200 will be paid for each contribution accepted, and contributors will receive an author contract.

Format: Introductory text, maximum 200 words, with one or two references to introduce the topic, if necessary (Vancouver style format). These texts will be edited if there are several examples on the same or a similar topic. Plus 3–10 images in HD quality with explanatory texts.

Contributions to Image Challenges: For each contribution, EC also requires two multiple-choice questions with an image from the submitted contribution, and two to five optional answers each are required for the Image Challenge.

Submission: Texts must be submitted using the form below, including the author’s contact address.

If attachments are larger than 6 MB, up to a size of 2 GB, please send them separately via https://wetransfer.com. Please enter kupetz@endoscopy-campus.com as the recipient address.

Alternatively, videos can be sent by post. Postal address: Röll Media GmbH, Heike Kupetz, Kasseler Strasse 4, 34317 Habichtswald, Germany

If you have any questions about submitting or uploading videos and articles, Heike Kupetz (kupetz@endoscopy-campus.com) can also be contacted at any time.

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