Endoscopic Videos

Summary: endoscopic videos intended for training purposes, including tips and tricks, and also presentations of more advanced techniques, are accepted. € 300 will be paid per published video, and contributors will receive an author contract.

Structure and time: The videos should be as short as possible and as long as necessary! A maximum running time of 6 minutes has been set, and the video should consist of several consecutive individual sequences, with each individual sequence being a maximum of 1 minute long.

In the case of an ESD, for example, one possible division might be:

  1. Demonstrating and marking the findings
  2. Starting the circumferential incision
  3. Start of dissection
  4. End of dissection
  5. Exchanging the knife
  6. Demonstrating the final result

Format: High-quality images should be aimed for as far as possible. Ideally, the videos should be recorded in HD quality and submitted in uncompressed form, or only with slight compression. The best resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels. If the software used provides default settings, then settings such as “Apple TV, iPad, iPhone 4 or later – 720p 25,” “Youtube 720p,” or “Youtube 1080p” can be selected for HD video.

Sound and text: The videos created will be provided with explanatory texts (subtitles) but will also have a sound track added with text recorded by a professional speaker (arranged by EC). For the spoken text, we therefore need a written text that will match the timing for each sequence — usually with about 80–90 words per 50–60 seconds.

Contribution to the Image Challenge: Each contribution to the EC Image Challenge additionally requires two multiple-choice questions with an image from the submitted contribution and two to five possible answers for each.

Submission: Texts and still images for the video, along with the author’s contact address, can be submitted using the form.

Up to a file size of 2 GB, the videos can be sent via https://wetransfer.com, addressed to: kupetz@endoscopy-campus.com.

Alternatively, videos can be sent by post. Postal address: Röll Media GmbH, Heike Kupetz, Kasseler Strasse 4, 34317 Habichtswald, Germany.

If you have any questions about submitting or uploading videos and articles, please contact (kupetz@endoscopy-campus.com) at any time.

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