German Society for Endoscopy and Imaging Procedures e.V.

The DGE-BV provides a forum for communication between clinically active and researching users, research institutes, industry and various professional societies with their professional groups.

Practice and innovation in endoscopy

Deutsche interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Dysphagie e.V. (DGD)

The German Interdisciplinary Society for Dysphagia was founded in 2008 as a collegial and interprofessional communication forum dealing with all issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia. We promote exchange between therapists, medical and non-medical specialists, and researchers from a wide variety of dysphagia specialties. This interprofessional exchange of speech therapists, physicians, swallowing therapists and other experts enables the latest scientific results to find their way quickly into practical application.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endoskopiefachberufe e.V. (DEGEA)

The DEGEA has set itself an ambitious goal with the promotion and further development of the professional profile of nursing and assistant personnel in endoscopy. The rapid technical development in endoscopy has led to the fact that the nursing tasks of the endoscopy nurse and the endoscopy assistant go far beyond the traditional requirements in nursing. Endoscopy nurses and medical assistants in specialist practices and outpatient clinics create a bridge between the high demand profile of assisting with modern examination procedures and caring for the patient throughout his or her stay in the endoscopy department, as well as providing quality-oriented care in the outpatient setting.

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