Endoscopy classifications

Summary: This section is intended to comprise all of the commonly used endoscopic classifications, as well as classifications that also include other parameters, all illustrated with example images. It may also be useful to include videos in some cases (e.g., for classifying tumors of the esophagogastric junction). A payment of € 200 per contribution is planned for the first author of the items (additional images, even from other authors, cannot be remunerated separately), or € 300 for more elaborate contributions (by arrangement, if videos represent a significant proportion of the item). Contributors will receive an author contract.

Format: A maximum of 500 words introducing the topic, with three to five bibliographical references, if necessary. These texts will be edited if there are several examples on the same or a similar topic. Explanatory schematic diagrams are a valuable addition to most classifications and are expressly encouraged. Three to five images in HD quality with explanatory texts for each subgroup.

Submission: The texts for the video, along with the author’s contact details, should be submitted using the form.

Please send any attachments that are larger than 6 MB, up to a size of 2 GB, separately via https://wetransfer.com, using kupetz@endoscopy-campus.com as the recipient’s address.

Alternatively, videos can be sent by post. Postal address: Röll Media GmbH, Heike Kupetz, Kasseler Strasse 4, 34317 Habichtswald, Germany

If you have any questions about submitting or uploading videos and articles, please contact Heike Kupetz (kupetz@endoscopy-campus.com) at any time.

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