Combined laparoscopic/endoscopic resection of a cecal adenoma

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Dirk Wilhelm and Monther Bajbouj, Munich


Sequence 1 — case report

A 60-year-old female patient with a diagnosis of a cecal adenoma that cannot be resected endoscopically, developing out of the appendix.

Sequence 2 — laparoscopic exploration

Laparoscopic exploration of the abdomen.

Sequence 3 — endoscopic exploration

Endoscopic exploration of the findings and decision on the resection technique to be used.

Sequence 4 — mobilizing the cecum

Mobilization of the cecum.

Sequence 5 — planning the resection

Planning of the laparoscopic wedge resection.

Sequence 6 — endoscopic monitoring of the excision

Endoscopic checking of the laparoscopic excision.

Sequence 7 — Supplementary dissection and laparoscopic resection

Supplementary dissection and laparoscopic resection.

Sequence 8 — endoscopic control

Endoscopic checking of the resection and seal tightness of the row of stapled sutures.

Sequence 9 — oversuturing

Oversuturing the row of stapled sutures.

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