Treatment for papillary adenoma

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A. Hoffmann, Wiesbaden


Sequence 1: visualization and probing

The borders of the papillary adenoma are traced with the papillotome and the biliary duct and pancreatic duct are intubated.

Sequence 2: injection

An injection is made into the papillary adenoma to produce a good lifting sign.

Sequence 3: visualization after injection

The papillary adenoma following injection of 7 mL 0.9% NaCl.

Sequence 4: excision

Resection of the papilloma with a braided resection snare.

Sequence 5: Probing of the pancreatic duct after papillectomy.

The pancreatic duct is cannulated immediately after the polypectomy, for prophylaxis against postinterventional pancreatitis.

Sequence 6: stenting after papillectomy

Placement of a pancreatic stent (single pigtail, 5 Fr, 4 cm) to reduce the risk of postinterventional pancreatitis.

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