Endoscopic therapy of pancreatic fluid collections caused by severe necrotic pancreatitis

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Alexander Meining, Ulm


Sequence 1

This video demonstrate the drainage of pancreatic fluid collection caused by severe necrotic pancreatitis. A hot-axios-stent is used for drainage.

Sequence 2

Patient with large amount of necrotic content (walled-off-necrosis) in the pancreatic cyst. Endoscopic necrosectomy after placement of the hot-axios-stent.

Sequence 3

Complication 1: GI-Bleeding from the cardia due to laceration by the axios-stent. Removal of the stent and placement of two plastic-stents.

Complication 2: Bleeding from the cystic wall due to necrosectomy.

Sequence 4

Drainage can also be performed initially with plastic stents, especially if there are no necrosis in the cyst.

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