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Endoscopy on Air

The Green Live Stream for GI Endoscopy

7 Nations , 7 Hours!
5 June 2020, 09am – 04pm CET

The Innovation
– 45 min per center, info commercials in between
– Highest teaching standards for high-quality GI endoscopy
– Worldwide audience
– Save the environment — almost no travel for audience, industry and faculty

J. Bang / M. Bourke / A. Cai / P. Chiu /
J. Devière / R. Hawes / H. Inoue /
M. Kaminski / R. Maselli / H. Neuhaus /
N. Reddy / A. Repici / D. Rex / T. Rösch /
B. Saunders / A. Sethi / S. Thomas-Gibson /
G. Webster / P. Zhou

Upper GI Tract: Barrett Diagnosis, EMR, ESD, POEM, Reflux, Submucosal Tumors
ERCP/EUS: Pancreatobiliary Intervention, Cholangioscopy, Anastomoses
Lower GI Tract: Polyp Detection, AI, Polypectomy, EMR, ESD

Course Directors
Alessandro Repici and Thomas Rösch

Cases will be presented with histology and follow-up in the weeks after the meeting

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