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VIGATU survey: virtual endoscopy training — how does it work?

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Alexander Hann

VIGATU survey: virtual endoscopy training — how does it work?

Imagine you want to find out how to handle the endoscope and the various other devices in an endoscopy department — or how to carry out a colonoscopy with sedation and care for the patient during the examination — or how an endoscope is reprocessed after a completed examination.

In everyday work, this learning process for physicians and other health-care staff usually takes place directly at the patient’s bedside with the help of an instructor.

By contrast, the aim in our VIGATU (Virtual Gastrotutor) project is to use virtual reality to teach working methods that are based on the relevant guidelines in the field of screening colonoscopy.

A head-mounted display is used to do this. When you put it on, you see a virtual colonoscopy room, and using hand-held controls you can simulate various scenarios involving colonoscopy.

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